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What Our Members Say

Discover why the Bay Club is a cherished fitness and wellness club through the words of our valued members.

Indoor Zumba Class

Exceptional Classes and Friendships

Members cherish the camaraderie formed in our diverse fitness classes. Our exceptional instructors and wide variety of classes foster lasting friendships.

Aquacise for Improved Health

Members testify to the health benefits of our Aquacise classes, experiencing dramatic improvements in their overall well-being

Clean and Spacious Atmosphere

Members at the Bay Club appreciate the club's cleanliness and spacious environment, creating a comfortable and welcoming fitness experience.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

The Bay Club staff receives high praise for their friendly and helpful attitude, creating a supportive and welcoming community for all members.

A Love for Steam Rooms

The Bay Club's luxurious steam rooms are a beloved feature, offering relaxation and rejuvenation after an invigorating workout.

Equipment-Only Membership Perks

Our 'Equipment-Only' membership, complete with access to showers and steam rooms, is a favorite among our members who value their post-workout routines.

Affordable, Flexible Pricing

Members love our new pricing model, which includes no term commitments and no enrollment fees, making fitness accessible to all.


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