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Bay Club Health and Safety

Living in Alaska can be challenging, and your safety is our first concern and duty.

Sterilizing Gym


Our Facility's Commitment to Safety

The Bay Club is operated with the highest standards of health and safety.

Designed for Safety 

State of Alaska Fire Marshall designed and inspected capable of holding 232 souls.


ADA-compliant and State of Alaska DEC inspected and certified facility.

Emergency Preparedness

AED machine and CPR/First Aid trained staff onsite.


The Bay Club prides itself on its quality of ventilation. Three operating air handlers -lots of ventilation (meeting and exceeding ASRAE suggested standards for Health Clubs) –all using MERV 13 filters—with additional

fans and operator windows are available as well. 



Our lighting is designed to ADA federal standards using LED fixtures. 



A ‘state of the art’ Salt water pool kept at 89 degrees for comfort using green technology for sanitation. Additionally, our pool has two handicapped entrances and egresses (over Federal required standards).

Sanitation and Cleaning

During the day, our highly trained staff sanitize the locker rooms and equipment on a specific schedule. Additionally, extensive sanitation and cleaning procedures are also done nightly. 


Community Safety

Members and staff are urged not to come to the Club if they show any signs of fever, coughing, or other symptoms of contagious illness.


Snowplowing and Sanding

We use commercial services to keep our parking lot plowed and sanded—in heavy snow and rain conditions—they can run late. All members are urged to wear safety anti-skid devices when in the parking lot area—and be prepared for delays in opening during heavy rain or snowfall. In these situations, members are urged to call ahead (907-235-2582) before coming to the Club.


Safety Training

We do regular safety training with staff regarding Fire, Tsunami, Earthquake, hazardous storm conditions (high winds, power outages, hazardous rain, black ice, heavy snowfall, etc.), and what to do with an imminent or ongoing volcanic eruption. Please note: the Bay Club may be closed in these conditions until the situation improves.

Bay Club Locker Room
Bay Club Steam Room


Ready to join our fitness community?

Come by the Bay Club and we will get you enrolled with a membership that works for you! 

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