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Classes for All Levels 

Discover a variety of classes designed to cater to every fitness level and embrace your journey toward wellness.

Spinning Class


Alaska Powerful

A class based on training for the Alaskan lifestyle, using non-orthodox exercise techniques (sandbags, kettlebells, and your own body), you will develop the neuromuscular skills (that's a fancy name for functional strength) that prevent injuries when you hit the ice, chop some wood at the cabin or pull a net with some fish on it. You will be trained to beat whatever your lifestyle throws at you. All fitness levels are welcome.



Join our Aquasize class for a refreshing and effective workout in the pool. This low-impact session combines cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises, providing a well-rounded fitness experience that's gentle on your joints. Jump in and enjoy the benefits of water-based fitness in a welcoming and supportive environment!

Aerobic Class in Pool
Image by Yulissa Tagle


Beginning Movement

This class is designed along NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) progressive movement guidelines.  Learn the basics of movement with NASM theory using safe progressions from stability
–core, and balance to the basics of resistance training. Tuesdays are designed to demonstrate form and concepts (bring a notebook) -Thursdays class is designed as a more ‘workout’ based class.

Class size is limited – please call the front desk at 1-907-235-2582 to sign up and reserve your spot. 


Buti Yoga

This dynamic yoga practice intuitively blends primal movement,
cardio bursts, and vibration to tone the body – "physically, emotionally, and energetically." It is a music-driven movement methodology that certainly isn't "quiet yoga."  It's fun. It's sweaty. And you'll leave all your stress on the mat. All levels are encouraged to join.

Yoga Class
Margi and Bikes 2024 .jpg


Beginning Spin

Join Margi, our ISSA-certified instructor, for our exciting Beginning Spin class! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, Margit will guide you through bike setup, proper technique, and form. With brand new Keiser Spin Bikes and Margi's engaging instruction, this class offers a fun and low-impact way to burn calories and get ready for summer. All we need is you!

Class size is limited – please call the front desk at 1-907-235-2582 to sign up and reserve your spot. 


Happy Sweat

Using a variety of equipment, participants will move through a combination of strength and cardio exercises that will wake up your body from head to toe. The class is designed to be fast-paced, but modifications are encouraged and will always be provided.

Fitness Class
Bay Club Instructor Erin


Hatha Yoga

Move through a traditional yoga practice with us to come back to
your heart’s center. Align your body and mind as you lengthen, stretch, and build some strength! This soulful yoga experience is for all and will leave you feeling refreshed and centered.


Hoop and Balance

Learn the magic of the hoop with our wonderful instructor, Stephanie! Hoop Fitness brings together creative movement, brain exercise, balance, and coordination in a fun way. The focus of this unique class is, first and foremost, to have fun while getting an excellent workout at the same time! We will explore a variety of rhythms, seeking balance, growth in skills, and discover your unique connection to the hoop. We work basic hoop tricks that build ab, shoulder, and arm strength.

This class is geared towards adults, but please feel free to bring interested kids. Stephanie has been teaching hoop for 15+ years and is great at offering hoop instruction to any level.

Group Stretching


Restorative ‘Polarfleece’ Yoga

Indulge in a serene escape with our Restorative Yoga class, where kind and caring instruction creates a supportive environment for all levels of practitioners, from those new to yoga to the more advanced. Immerse yourself in a gentle, centering practice with guided breathwork and meditation. Dress in warm, layered attire, as poses are designed to be held for extended periods, ensuring a deeply calming experience that nourishes your body and soul.


Vinyasa Flow

Connect with your body and breath in this active yoga class. Build strength, find balance, and explore flexibility in a low-impact and welcoming environment.

Yoga Class


Teen Group Personal Training

Join Josh, a retired Special Operations Diver passionate about fitness and helping those around him. Among many duties, he was a fitness coordinator and obstacle course instructor for the Navy. After retiring, he became a yoga instructor and a NASM-certified personal trainer. Josh has a forward-thinking, safety-focused mindset that he combines with high-intensity group workouts to achieve impressive results. 

Our Teen Group Personal Training classes are all about encouraging movement. We believe in the importance of being active for a healthy lifestyle. Join our classes to discover how exercise can be a part of your routine. We'll keep you engaged, motivated, and, most importantly, moving! It's a great way to build healthy movement habits while staying active. 


Ready to join our fitness community?

Come by the Bay Club and we will get you enrolled with a membership that works for you! 

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