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A Club For Your Family 

Welcome Parents! Thank you for being so interested in getting a Bay Club membership for your family! We offer many options for your family to start and maintain an active lifestyle—for life. We hope your family will explore and learn fun ways to participate.

Child Rock Climbing
Swimming Coach


Activities for Everyone

Our homeschool memberships allow one parent to be included at no charge—making younger family members' participation possible, but this benefit also works well for families with teenagers looking for healthy activities they can do together.


Enjoy a family swim or take a Red Cross swim lesson* 

Fitness Classes

Take an aquatic or group fitness class. Instructor approval is required to attend.


Play racquetball, wallyball, or dodgeball on the court. 

Fitness on Demand

Use our ‘Fitness on Demand ‘ program for kid-friendly workouts with your family on our giant TV screen.

Climbing Wall

Enjoy kid and adult climbing sessions or take a Kids Climbing class*

Personal Training

Teen personal training and fitness coaching*

*Additional fees apply for the Red Cross swim lessons, teen personal training, fitness coaching, and kids climbing classes.


Activity Particpation

Please review the table below to determine if your child can participate in an activity independently or if a guardian needs to be present. 

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson


Homeschool Membership Rates and How to Join 

At the Bay Club, we understand that homeschooling families have unique needs, and our homeschool memberships are designed to accommodate various situations. The cost of a homeschool membership depends on factors such as the type of homeschool program, the number of students, and the age of the students. Since these variables can vary greatly, please reach out to us directly for precise pricing information.

Our friendly staff is here to assist you in tailoring a membership that aligns with your specific requirements.


Teen Group Personal Training

Join Josh, a retired Special Operations Diver passionate about fitness and helping those around him. Among many duties, he was a fitness coordinator and obstacle course instructor for the Navy. After retiring, he became a yoga instructor and a NASM-certified personal trainer. Josh has a forward-thinking, safety-focused mindset that he combines with high-intensity group workouts to achieve impressive results. 

Our Teen Group Personal Training classes are all about encouraging movement. We believe in the importance of being active for a healthy lifestyle. Join our classes to discover how exercise can be a part of your routine. We'll keep you engaged, motivated, and, most importantly, moving! It's a great way to build healthy movement habits while staying active. 



Ready to join our fitness community?

Come by the Bay Club and we will get you enrolled with a membership that works for you! 

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