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 CHECK OUT THE Fitness Classes 

The Bay Club strives to offer it's members a variety of classes covering many different forms of fitness, all taught by skilled and knowledgable instructors.


Please check back each month for the most current and updated schedule. Click the button below to download a copy for yourself.

Fitness Schedule March 2023 - Updated 03-09-23-page-001.jpg
Fitness Schedule April 2023 - Updated 03-23-23-page-001.jpg


March 2023 Pool Sched- Updated 2-21-23-page-001.jpg
April 2023 Pool Sched- Updated 3-23-23-page-001.jpg

                        POOL RULES

  1.  No Running on Deck . Adult must be with a child at all times

  2. No Children during Adult swim times, must be 18 + for Adult

  3.  Be courteous and leave the pool at the end of the swim time on the schedule.

  4.  Aqua shoes must be worn for all classes

  5. No Jumping in the pool

  6. Never throw a child in the pool

  7. No use of the pool during class time, class members only

  8. Showers with Jade Soap we provide, is required before entering the pool

  9.  Always be mindful of WET DECKS ~ MOVE SLOWLY AND WITH CAUTION.

Rock Climbing

Kids Climbing T/TH 3:30-5:30 $13 each session includes Members
Adult T/TH 6-8pm, $13 session including members
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